We are a fan base team of evaly. Yes we are not official partner of evaly. We are just trying to help evaly customers with the legal information of evaly. Lets make this more clear, we are working for evaly instead of nothing. Actually we are doing what a core fan base usually do. People may think that evaly funding us to do so, but again I want to say we are working as evaly helper for nothing. Our effort is to make sure that you could learn properly about evaly, their goods and products, their offers, their others system. If I say this in one line then, “We will help you about to become an evaly regular customer”.

Basically you can call us as a evaly media, evaly explainer, evaly helpline, evaly guideline whatever you want. We just started this campaign without thinking about any profit. Just to help evaly users we started our journey. And again for your kind information we are not official evaly sector. We are none of them. We totally belong to a third party fan base team. Whose motive is to help evaly customers by being evaly customer care info, evaly helpline, evaly guideline.

We will help you from a to z. Starting from Registration to becoming an Expert User. We will explain their platform more easily to you. For example evaly launch may offers but many users are not capable to understand their policy or offer process, for those users we will explain them more clearly so that they could understand easily. You can also call us as evaly customer care info. Because we care for evaly users. So hope you got it who we are. Then if you think that we are helpful to you then keep watching us regularly.