How are you all dear friends today our topic of discussion is social media marketing friends we use different types of social media like facebook twitter instagram email google plus etc and there are many more and we call this social media, through this we Communicate with each other or above all with an organization and we use these media marketing promotions are basically social media marketing.

Social media marketing is again of two types

Paid marketing
Free marketing
Paid marketing is the promotion of a paid group or page, while free marketing is a kind of public page or public group done through comments or likes.

Lots of new things are happening on this social media. There are different types of work or system settings. Social media marketing contributes a lot to any endeavor in this age. I know someone has an opinion, I know what kind of questions to answer and how to solve problems. I know how to provide a good service by exchanging views with others. I can stand next to others. Many of us don’t know much. I have found answers and exchanged views with the help of media marketing so that it can be said that the role of social technology marketing is immense and plays a huge role in the current technology age.

So far in our today’s article, we will talk again about any other new topic. Good luck to everyone.

Thanks everyone

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