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Hello Evalians! Welcome to evaly user guidelines centre. For Evaly users Evaly Customer Care Info is the best place to get helped by our experts about evaly online shopping. Cause Evaly means the opposite name of love to us. Somehow nowadays evaly is facing a hard time. In this critical situation just to help evaly users we are here, So that you could understand everything of evaly. Basically we are the best fan team of evaly who will help you out to shop online from evaly.com.bd! So stay tuned.

What is evaly?


As you know evaly is the number one highest growth e-commerce platform of Bangladesh. They are almost two years old now. And we think they are providing their best services to their users. From evaly you could buy almost everything you want to buy. And also you could sell everything you want to sell. Actually evaly is a kind of e-commerce platform which is almost a perfect platform ever made in Bangladesh.

There are different sectors or services of evaly such as Evaly Online Shop, E-Khata, E-Bazar, Evaly Merchants maybe others are upcoming. Lets find out them in details.

  1.  Evaly Online Shop – This is their main sector. Where you could buy hat you need.
  2. Evaly Merchants Application – I think you already guessing. Yes this is for merchants only. Where they could maintain their shop or products.
  3. E Bazar – E Bazar is a place where you could sell everything you don’t need anymore. To sell here you don’t need to be a regular seller.
  4. E Khata – Basically E Khata is a kind of helpful tools for their user.

You may find full details about those by searching on web. We will focus on Evaly Online Shop only.

As we mentioned from evaly online shop you could buy everything you want. Starting from Grocery Items, Foods, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Headphones, Laptops/Computers, Smart/Non Smart Televisions, Many others accessories related to digital technology are available here. Actually there are hundreds, thousands of physical shop and online shop who are offering their price for their million products. Evaly is ensuring the delivery to the customers and offering all the exciting deals to their customers. In one word evaly is an e-commerce platform which are providing every kind of goods and products for their customers all along the Bangladesh.

There is a line “Nothing is perfect at all”. So evaly also have some weakness which is not a big deal at all. In the ratio of Good vs Bad side we can say evaly is almost eighty percent successful online shop. And day by day they are increasing their services and trying hard to fixing their weakness. Before evaly only supported Prepayment method with cash back and other exciting offers. Recently they started POD (Pay on Delivery), COD (Cash on Delivery) process also. Which is a pretty good point for some users who didn’t do evaly shopping for prepayment risk. I mean they thought that prepayment method is risky. But now they also feel safe with POD (Pay on Delivery) and COD (Cash on Delivery) process. So evaly is becoming a perfect e-commerce platform in Bangladesh.

At the end, I want to say that evaly is a e-commerce platform which will make your life easier to live. I mean your lifestyles will be changed after being an evalian. You will feel more comfortable to fulfill your dreams. Even if you don’t have ability to have a cool lifestyle evaly will help you to do so. Yes, cause their motive is to build digital Bangladesh. The evaly CEO & MD already told many times that he doesn’t started this business for profit only, his motive is to develop a digital Online Shop which never made before. Because to build a country as digital its necessary to have perfect e-commerce platform of their own. So hope you got it, what evaly is.

Evaly Customer Care Info Full Details


Evaly.com.bd is a kind of e-commerce platform whom are very kind to their customer. They care about their customer very much. That’s why beside good service they are very sensitive about their helpline. If you have any issue about their service or products you can contact them through their helpline contact details given bellow.

Evaly.com.bd all contact details-

evaly.com.bd customer Helpline Number (Non-Toll Free): 09638111666

The number is officially provided by evaly.com.bd on their website, facebook page. This number is not a toll free number so if you call this number then normal call rate will be charged. If you have any queries about them you can call to this number at their active hour.

evaly.com.bd Customer Helpline Email Address: [email protected]

Instead of calling this number you can also use their email address to send your queries. The number is provided above is not toll free so you can try this way. This email is their official email address, displayed on their website, facebook page. If you have any queries, complaint, suggestion or anything about their products, services or any kind of offer you can directly email to this address.

evaly.com.bd Founder & CEO Facebook Account: facebook.com/mohammad.rassel.75

If you failed to get proper information or proper help from their customer care helpline you can follow the Founder & CEO on facebook. He is very kind guy with genius mind. He announce most of the upcoming exiting offers, deals himself on his facebook live page. Even he does QNA episode on facebook live.

Evaly.com.bd Supporting Hours

  • Saturday       9AM–8PM
  • Sunday          9AM–8PM
  • Monday         9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday         9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday   9AM–8PM
  • Thursday       9AM–8PM
  • Friday            6AM–5PM

Evaly.com.bd Other Email Address-

There are two official email addresses of evaly.com.bd which is [email protected] and [email protected] . So for sure there no other email address so be careful about being scammed.

Evaly Official Website: https://www.evaly.com.bd

To reach evaly website you have to type the full link on your browser address bar. If you visit their website you could see all the details about their products, goods, categories of shop and evaly others information as well.

Social Profiles-

Evaly is representing their identity on different social platforms. They are already on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Among these they are mostly active on Facebook. They have both fan page and users group on Facebook. Actually they post about upcoming offers, mega deals, big announcement on their official fan page and the group is basically for users community. Users who face any difficulties on evaly they post it on their facebook group and the authority try to fix them. Even instead of calling or mailing them you can post any queries, complaint, suggestion on their facebook group.

Evaly Founder & CEO Social Profiles-

If you want to follow Mohammad Rassel sir on social platforms then the above links are given for you. You can personally follow him to get update about what he think, what he do, how he present himself.

There are many ways to get help from evaly helpline or customer care Center. Even if you want to visit the main office of Evaly Ltd. physically you should follow the location given bellow:

House #8 (1st Floor), Road # 14,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209.

Evaly Official Mobile Applications-

Nowadays everyone wants things easier or comfortable. So obviously its far better to use mobile application than a website. Evaly already published their mobile application for Android and IOS. I provided the official mobile applications link above. You can browse or maintain things comfortably through their mobile application. Their both app is user friendly. You can do everything in their mobile app which you can do in their website through browser. Even sometime they offer exiting deals only for their mobile applications user. So download and install it now.

Some Important Links (Direct)-
  • Registration: https://evaly.com.bd/auth/signup
    Everything starts from here. Yes by visiting this link you will find a sign up form for registration. If you are willing to shop from evaly.com.bd then just visit this link and get started.
  • Login: https://evaly.com.bd/login.php
    Everytime you login your account you need to visit this login page.
  • Flash Sell or Deal of the Day: By visiting https://www.evaly.com.bd or when you open the application you could see the current offers like Flash sell, deal of the day easily.
  • Campaigns: https://campaign.evaly.com.bd/
    If you are interested about to browse their current campaigns then just visit this link all the campaigns will show up there.
  • Shops: https://evaly.com.bd/shops
    By browsing this you will find all available shop of evaly.com.bd. You will find thousands of shop there sort by category wise.
  • Evaly Express: https://evaly.com.bd/express
    You already know about evaly express shop. This is the link, visit and have a look or feel safe to experience their express services.
  • Gift Cards: https://evaly.com.bd/gift-card?type=gift-cards
    If you have any Gift Card on your account you can easily find them by visiting this link. Or if you buy any Gift Card from evaly you will also find them here. By using their mobile application you will find there the Gift Card option.
  • Voucher: https://evaly.com.bd/vouchers
    You can find available special voucher on your account through this link.
  • Privacy Policy: https://evaly.com.bd/about/privacy-policy
    Everything you want to know about their privacy policy information is available on this link.
  • Terms and Conditions: https://evaly.com.bd/about/terms-conditions
    About evaly terms and their conditions is available there. Even ordinary questions answers about evaly such as delivery charges, order canceling process, losses issue will also show up on this link. Before shopping from evaly you should visit this page once.
  • Purchasing Policy: https://evaly.com.bd/about/purchasing-policy
    Everything about purchasing policy is available there. You should also visit this page for once at list.
  • Return Policy: https://evaly.com.bd/about/return-policy
    Every single details about evaly product returning is written on this page. Hope this will be helpful to you.
  • About: https://evaly.com.bd/about
    If you are interested to know about evaly.com.bd from them just visit this page.
  • Contact Page: https://evaly.com.bd/about/contact-us
    This is their official contact page of their website. About their cuatomer care information are available here.

What is the Customer Care Number of evaly?

Evaly Customer Care Number is : 09638111666

How to contact with evaly customer care in other ways?

Evaly Customer Care Email Addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

Who we are?


Now this is the most important question. Who we are? Once I mentioned above we are a fan base team of evaly. Yes we are not official partner of evaly. We are just trying to help evaly customers with the legal information of evaly. Lets make this more clear, we are working for evaly instead of nothing. Actually we are doing what a core fan base usually do. People may think that evaly funding us to do so, but again I want to say we are working as evaly helper for nothing. Our effort is to make sure that you could learn properly about evaly, their goods and products, their offers, their others system. If I say this in one line then, “We will help you about to become an evaly regular customer”.

Basically you can call us as a evaly media, evaly explainer, evaly helpline, evaly guideline whatever you want. We just started this campaign without thinking about any profit. Just to help evaly users we started our journey. And again for your kind information we are not official evaly sector. We are none of them. We totally belong to a third party fan base team. Whose motive is to help evaly customers by being evaly customer care info, evaly helpline, evaly guideline.

We will help you from a to z. Starting from Registration to becoming an Expert User. We will explain their platform more easily to you. For example evaly launch may offers but many users are not capable to understand their policy or offer process, for those users we will explain them more clearly so that they could understand easily. You can also call us as evaly customer care info. Because we care for evaly users. So hope you got it who we are. Then if you think that we are helpful to you then keep watching us regularly.

How we work?


You already know that we will help you at every singe step to shop from evaly online shop. You also know that we are not their official partner. But you don’t know how we will help you. Yes now the question just popped up in your mind is, “How we work”. As you know we are not directly from evaly, we work as just a media to inform you about evaly, So we just simply collect the information from what evaly publish and post them for you. For example, Evaly just declared about COD (Cash on Delivery) process has started. After their declaration we just post it with full specification or full details. I mean when they launch any cyclone or cash back offer some of their user won’t get them easily, some user doesn’t understand them properly. So we are here from those user, we collect the full information and explain them more clearly to you. So that you could understand the policy, the process, the full system properly.

If I tell that we provide information about evaly shopping offers, update news, customer care info what is already shared by the evaly official team its not false. Yes we just collect from them and share them for you. So our process is collect information and share them with more details. So that users understand them easily.

And we also help new user to grow expert with evaly. I mean from account opening to product order, we explain everything with details to you. And this is not the end. We will keep helping you until the evaly is alive. That means we will continuously keep helping you about recent and upcoming issues of evaly. And also we will answer your evaly related questions in our comment section regularly. We will keep posting with update news, offers, hot deals, and many more about evaly online shop. We also provide direct or live helpline info of evaly online shop. Basically what a customer care info usually do. So you can think of us as permanent help or guidelines center of evaly customer care.

Why we are?


Well, we are here because you may need us. Yeah we are only for your help. You already know that we are a team of evaly fan. So this is our small effort to help evaly users. That’s why we started this project. Yes you heard right, just to help evaly users we are here. We will post updated news about evaly offers, campaigns for evaly users so that they could be updated about those news, offers and other facilities. So that’s why we are here for you. You guys just stay with us to get regular update about evaly offers, news, other facilities.

We think this will be very helpful thing for you who are a thinking about evaly online shopping. Many of us think about online shopping but we are not agree to considering the risk of online shopping. But after getting our help hope you will understand everything properly about online shopping. After thinking all these things we launch this project just to help you out. So if you guys like our ideas then just keep supporting us. We will be your there for you until the evaly is alive. Evaly will offer exiting deals for you and we will help you out to understand those deals with details. I mean the policy of those offer are not so easy for some users. For these reason we try to help you out so that you could know everything in details and keep shopping from evaly online shop.

And we also provide all customer car info of evaly online shop so that you can directly communicate with them easily. Besides customer care info of evaly we mostly provide update news, offers etc about evaly shopping often only for you. That’s why we are here.

Why should you choose evaly?


Nowadays online shopping is getting popular in our country. Many people are using online shopping to shop their necessary products, goods. But many of us are fear of online shopping. Yes some people still think that online shopping is risky. They think online shopping is fraud. That’s why they don’t try these things. But the truth is online shopping or e-commerce site is building a great platform in our country. There are many e-commerce platform in our country. Such as evaly, daraz, pickaboo, ajkerdeal etc. Among many platforms these are most popular e-commerce platform in our country. Among these Daraz is most popular, but there are many problem in daraz shopping, like their third-party delivery teams are just disgusting. And also they cheat about their flash sell, offers, cash back etc. But in these case evaly is best at their position. Evaly also has one weak point which is when you buy products or goods from cyclone offers or cash back offers from evaly and if your location is out of Dhaka then you have to wait a bit longer to receive your products or goods.

It happens because of huge number of order. To process orders they take some time to maintain their business policy. Because when you buy any products or goods at 150% cash back they provide you the original products or goods for sure but they will also use your money to increase their fund and then they will ship your order. So that’s why it take some time. But for sure your products or goods will be delivered to you once you pay for your products or goods. If something horrible doesn’t happen when third party delivery team process their part your products or goods will be delivered for sure. Maybe you have to wait a bit longer than six months, but you will receive your order at last. If we talk about evaly shopping facilities then we have to say that their cash back and others flash sell with discount is just amazing. Sometimes they just got crazy about their cash back offers. Yes even they provide 200% cash back to their cash back campaigns. Not only in offer sell they offer cash back in their normal sell also. Sometimes they sell gift card, double taka voucher, etc. And you will be amazed that they provide amazing offers here also. Like if you buy 10,000tk gift card the value could be 15,000tk-20,000tk when you will purchase with those card. And the double taka voucher always contain double value of purchase taka.

Not only these, they also runs flash sell names cyclone, tornado, etc. Where you can get amazing deals ever. There are no other e-commerce platform who does so as evaly do. I guaranty that no other online shop will provide you such offers what evaly does. So that’s why you should choose evaly.

Some Exclusive Reason to Choose Evaly:

So until now you already read many facilities, exiting offers about evaly shopping. But there are some more exiting services of evaly shopping. For example their Express Shop, Express Delivery, Partial Payment services are just awesome which is only providing evaly in Bangladesh. Lets know about them one by one. Firstly they have evaly express shop on their platform which is such an amazing feature. From their express shop you can buy daily needed products, goods, foods expressly. I meant to say that their express service is more faster than normal services. Because usually they provide fish, meats, grocery, oil, masla packet etc. And you only order these products or goods when you need these. So its simple that after order you need these products within 2-3 hours. Sometimes they take only 15-20 minutes to deliver your order when the seller is not far away from your home. Now lets talk about their Express Delivery. Their express delivery service exist for their express express shop. Yes its simple that express shop needs express delivery team. Because you order on express shop when you need that products or goods urgently. So they provide express delivery for their express shop. But these express shop and express delivery is available in residential area only. Such as in Dhaka city they provide these express services. Day by day they also expanding these service area to every district in Bangladesh. Already they almost have express shop for every sixty four district in Bangladesh. So this is not an ordinary feature of any online shop.

And now its time to discuss about their partial payment system. Partial payment system is one of their most amazing service they ever provided I think. Lets explain them to you clearly. We all know that what Partial means. Yes that means you don’t have to pay your products or goods price at once. If you want you could pay your price like small time EMI. Actually its not EMI system. When evaly launch any cash back offer they used to also partial payment system there. Its like the product price is 1,00,000tk and the cash back percent is 50% that means if you pay 1,00,000tk at once you will get 50,000tk as cash back to your evaly balance. But if you want you don’t have to pay the price at once on first payment you can pay less. In this case you have to pay the price that will come by dividing the total price of the product by 1.5. Within 21 days of payment, 50% of the paid price will be credited to your evaly Balance and you will be able to pay the rest with that cash back. Yes you read the exact thing. That’s true if your products or goods price is 1,00,000tk then you have to pay 66,666tk only and after getting the cash back money you can pay the rest with the cash back money. So your product price will be 66,666tk only, I meant to say that for 1,00,000tk valued product you have to pay 66,666tk only. So isn’t this amazing! Yes and only evaly online shopping is providing this exiting service. And beside these evaly offer many hot deals often without any special occasion. If its any special day or occasion then evaly offer more exciting deals for their user. Such as eid offer, eid dhamaka, etc. One of them 6 taka mysterious box is most popular. Lets be introduced with 6 taka mysterious box. 6 taka mysterious box is a kind of flash sell where you can buy any of the available products at six taka. If you think that its not a that big deal, then for your kind information i want to tell you that every product value more than six taka. And also there is no delivery charge of purchased product. That means delivery is free within whole countryside. So this is really interesting thing for customer attraction.

Lastly I want to talk about one more thing. Which is called start-up bonus! Yes they offer exiting deals for their new customers often. Like they offer free t-shirt, coupon for shopping, and many product at very cheap rate. A few days ago they offered 16 taka polo shirt for the newcomers. They also offered 16 taka pen drive, 16 taka mobile phone for those who recently registered to their site or app. Ohho I remind one more thing when they first launch their Android mobile application they offered free t-shirt for those rated their application 5★ and wrote a short review about their app in google play store.

If you want to be more sure about these then just contact with evaly helpline which is already provided by us in our helpline info center page.

Why should you trust us?


So when the word trust or believe comes then it hard to be settled on any platform. And if its a online platform then its more difficult to earn users trust. If you look at evaly, when they first came people keep saying that they will be gone one day, they will fraud with people, they will cheat with their customers. Critics used to say that evaly is like destiny, MLN who fraud with people, People committed a huge loss who had trust on them. But now look at them, they are already titled as number one e-commerce in Bangladesh by their customers. So as we are. We are new, we don’t have any reputed background.

But you can trust us blindly because of on thing. Yes the reason is we don’t do any transaction with you or we will never demand money or something for what we do. Yes we do our job for free. Instead of getting information from us you don’t need to pay r do something like that. So its simple that you can trust us. And if you doubt us for any reason just verify one of the information with legal source. Hope your doubt will be cleared.